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4 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Home’s Air Filters

We prioritize annual health checkups and oil changes, but what about changing our home’s air filters? Did you know dirt and irregular maintenance are some of the main reasons why HVAC systems fail? Changing your air filters regularly can help ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly for years to come. The experts at MTB have compiled a list of reasons why air filter replacement is important.Here are four reasons why you should change your air filters regularly:
Air filters keep nasty things from entering the air inside your home. Clean indoor air is important, especially for children, elderly and those with allergies. It’s no surprise that dirty air filters will deliver dirty air. New air filters will purify indoor air, rather than circulating things like dust and pollen throughout your home.
Your air filters serve as your first line of defense, not just against dust and pollen, but also larger risks such as pieces of insulation that could turn into a potential fire hazard.
Clogged air filters can actually damage your HVAC system. If you have a clogged air filter, your system has to work harder to deliver air to your home. The added difficulty also means your system is at a higher risk of overheating or freezing. By replacing your air filters regularly, you can save in operating costs.
If your system is working overtime to deliver air to your home, your living spaces might not be getting all the air they need. This could mean additional expenses and damage.
Changing your air filters is generally inexpensive, easy to do and should be done every couple months. Take the guesswork out of replacing your filters, and sign up for MTB’s free filter reminders.

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