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“Why Are There Cold Spots in My House?”

“Why does my home have cold spots?”It’s a question we hear at MTB Mechanical all the time in winter. Homeowners expect even, regulated heat from their HVAC systems, and for good reason! The good news is, cold spots are relatively common and they’re not always indicative of a major issue. Here are a few reasons you could find some areas colder than others; be sure to contact an MTB technician for a full inspection to be sure.
Drafty Windows and Fireplaces
You’d be shocked how much air can escape through drafty windows, doors, and even open fireplaces. Swipe your hand around every surface in a “cold” area to feel for drafts. If you can feel starkly colder air or, worse, moving outside air, you need better weather stripping. Be sure to close your fireplace flue whenever it’s not in use.
Orientation of Your Home
South-facing rooms inevitably warm up more during the day than their counterparts. If your insulation is substandard or your home is quite large or shaded by trees, the sun’s rays could be giving you a heating boost in certain rooms making the others feel colder.
Location of Vents
Are the vents in the cold area working? First, check to make sure they’re all open. Next, ensure no furniture or curtains are blocking their flow. Then, think about how far the room is from your furnace or heating system. If it’s on the opposite side of the house, heated air may not be making it all the way to the vents.
Bad Ductwork
If you suspect the cold spot in your home isn’t being adequately heated by your HVAC, you may need your ductwork inspected. Tiny cracks or leaks in the ducting throughout your home can cause you to lose 20% or more of your treated air. A licensed HVAC technician can perform a comprehensive heating evaluation.
Dysfunctional Heating System
How long has it been since your heating system was replaced? If you weren’t living in the home when it was installed or if you’ve made significant changes to the home since installing it (i.e. knocking down walls, building an addition, etc.), it may not be servicing your needs. A professional HVAC provider like MTB Mechanical can help determine whether your system is large enough for your home and whether its layout is appropriate for providing heat to the whole house.
There are dozens of factors that can contribute to uneven heating inside your home! Some are easily remedied by an HVAC professional and some are a little more complicated, concerning in-wall insulation and roofing material. The good news is, a properly-sized, professionally installed HVAC system is all most people need to eliminate cool spots in their home.
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