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What to Do If Your Thermostat Isn’t Working Properly

Did your thermostat stop working? Or maybe it’s just a little glitchy, going blank when you try to readjust it or turning the AC on and off and on and off again? Lots of home HVAC issues are actually thermostat issues, in our experience.Here are a few suggestions from MTB Mechanical on what to do if your thermostat isn’t working. Still can’t figure it out? Call one of our technicians for a professional thermostat check, of course!
Battery Check
Did you know many thermostats rely on batteries? Most are backed up through hardwired electricity but when their batteries die, you may notice a decrease in functionality. If you suspect your thermostat’s batteries are dead simply change them out for new ones – we recommend lithium batteries for the best performance.
Check the Level
Even complex digital thermostats contain a simple mercury thermometer inside. How else could they know what the temperature actually is? Using a level, check to make sure your thermostat is attached to the wall perfectly levelly. If it’s a little skewed, the mercury inside could be impacting its temperature readings. Don’t think you can reattach it yourself? Now’s a perfect time to call your local HVAC technician for help.
Check the Settings
Make sure that your fan is on the auto position. Also, make sure that your thermostat is on the correct setting as far as heating or cooling. There is generally a setting to make it go to heat, cooling, and off. If it is in the wrong setting or it is set to off it will not work properly.
Consider Replacement
Does it seem like you’re constantly having issues with your thermostat? Or maybe you think your HVAC system would function more efficiently with a programmable or smart thermostat? You’re probably right. MTB Mechanical is happy to help you select the thermostat that’s right for your needs. The newer your thermostat is, the more likely it is to be better-working, more efficient, and even to save you money.
Questions about whether your thermostat is up to snuff? MTB Mechanical is happy to provide a full system inspection and troubleshooting services for your thermostat. Ready for a replacement? We offer all the latest thermostat models from reputable names such as Nest and Honeywell.
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