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Is Your House Ready for Cold Weather?

It’s getting cold outside! Well…maybe not quite yet. But it will! Charlotte’s long, hot summer doesn’t really feel like it’s over, but sooner rather than later the temps will start dipping. First at night, then during daytime, and before you know it we’ll have an ice storm on our hands!

It’s the same story every year here in the Southeast. Just because we don’t get feet of snow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your home from cold weather. Here’s what your friends at MTB Mechanical want you to do now to get your house ready for the deep chill of winter.

Have Your Heating System Inspected
We’re not just saying it because we’re Charlotte’s local heating experts! Having your heating system and/or furnace inspected before cold weather hits is the absolute best thing you can do to protect your home this winter. If your system is failing, components need replacing, or your thermostat needs a reset, it’s best to know now. It’s far easier to make decisions about the maintenance and repair of your HVAC system when you’re not shivering with cold! MTB Mechanical spends every fall providing comprehensive heating inspections in Charlotte for affordable prices. Call us for an appointment today.

Change Your Filters
Just like you should be changing your air filters once a month during the heavy-use months of summer, you should be doing it in wintertime, too. Before you really crank up the heat, switch out your old filter for a fresh one. We like to change ours once a month in winter because all the heat our system puts out really clogs them up fast. Consider factors like moisture, pet dander, and fall allergies, too, when you create a plan to change yours. While you’re at it, check around your outside air conditioner to ensure it’s as clean as possible, removing any dirt or leaves that have built up over time.

Check for Moisture Around the Home
Your home shouldn’t be a hermetically sealed box but it should not be inviting excess moisture in. Check your window sills, vent pipes, and interior door frames for signs of moisture: chipping paint, bubbling varnish, rust, mildew, or mold. If you find any, remediate the problem then do what you need to properly seal off the moisture leak (consider adding a line of caulk or even a band of weather-stripping.)

Monitor the Humidity
Humidity levels here in Charlotte are all over the place. In the summer, you probably felt sticky and sweaty at times, even in your own home. In the winter, expect the humidity levels inside your house to plummet; it’s a natural side effect of blown-heat. Despite the drop, humidity levels shouldn’t get too low or you could find yourself uncomfortable. Low humidity can even cause your floors to separate and your furniture to become brittle! Humidity levels inside your home should hover around 40-50% for maximum comfort; a good digital thermostat can actually tell you the humidity in the area at any given time. Concerns about humidity? Ask your MTB technician about options for whole-home or standalone humidifiers.

Ready for winter? We are!
Contact MTB Mechanical today to schedule your comprehensive cold weather checkup. We’re scheduling appointments right now to get your home in shape for the cold.
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