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How Winter Storms Can Damage Your HVAC

Winter storms can wreak havoc on your HVAC system. Even here in the south, winter weather packs a punch…all too often, southerners are caught unprepared when inclement conditions hit!Is your HVAC system ready for winter? The coldest months are still ahead…there’s plenty of time to call in your local MTB Mechanical technician for a comprehensive evaluation and tune-up.
In the meantime, know which damages to look for after winter weather hits.
Falling Ice
Yes, ice can be a concern here in Charlotte! Ice storms are actually a common occurrence here in North Carolina, and when they strike, they can trap you in your home for days. Ice is also a problem for your HVAC unit. Falling ice – sheets, icicles, and chunks – can land directly on your air conditioner as they melt off your roof. Because HVAC units are typically situated right beneath the roofline of homes, a single heavy icicle can harm the exterior cabinet, grill, or fan of your appliance.
Heat Pump Coverage
If you have an outdoor heat pump, it should never be covered. During winter, wind and rain can blow pine straw, limbs, and other refuse onto your pump. During the rare snowstorm, snow can even cover your pump. If a heat pump is covered by anything, even ice, its vibration can increase as it runs, stressing its refrigerant lines and eventually forming leaks. In winter – and anytime of year! – keep all the exterior components of your HVAC system clear from blockage.
Water Drainage
In winter, water can accumulate around the base of your external HVAC components after heavy rains or even snow. Long-term exposure to excessive moisture can cause vulnerable HVAC equipment to corrode, decreasing their functionality. If water backs up into your system then temperatures drop, ice can form and expand, causing it to malfunction. During your annual inspection, your HVAC technician can check to ensure the area around your system is set to properly drain excess water.
Is your HVAC ready for winter? If it’s been over a year since you had your heating system inspected or if you suspect your heating bills are higher than usual, it’s time you brought in an expert. MTB Mechanical specializes in heating repair, replacement, and general maintenance.
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