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How to Keep Your Pet Warm this Winter

In wintertime, pets get cold too! Keeping your house comfortable isn’t just about its human occupants, it’s also about the animals. What do you need to know about keeping your pet warm this winter?MTB Mechanical is your local HVAC expert. We have decades of experience keeping Charlotteans (and their pets!) warm and cozy in wintertime. Whether you need a new furnace or a comprehensive heating inspection, MTB is the right call to make.
What Temperature Do Pets Prefer?
Even though dogs and cats (and guinea pigs, and bunnies…) are covered in fur, they’re actually comfortable at the same indoor temperature as humans. The good news is, they have an even wider range of “acceptable” temps than people; in winter, this means anywhere between around 60-70 degrees is usually fine. Older animals, very young animals, or breeds that have special respiratory issues (such as the brachycephalic snout of a bulldog) might need special consideration.
Should You Leave Your Heat on for Your Pets?
A lot of people – particularly new pet owners – have a habit of shutting their heat off during the day or while away from the house to save money. Remember that pets need consistency, too, and that on days when the outside temperature is extremely low, a house with no heat can become quite uncomfortable! Set your thermostat to keep your home regulated at a comfortable but lower-than-usual temperature during the day (maybe around 65 degrees) or, better yet, invest in a digital thermostat that can actually detect the motion of your pet and regulate temps accordingly.
Pet Hair and Your HVAC
One thing to keep in mind as a pet owner is how pet hair and dander affect your HVAC system. Particulates and hair are extremely light and move easily into your vents. Thankfully, your furnace’s filter traps most errant hair…you just have to remember to change it! If you have pets, and especially if you have multiple pets, you’ll want to change your HVAC filters at least once every three months, but aim for once a month during periods of heavy use. Keep your animal groomed and clean up any loose hair immediately to ensure your system stays in working order.
Always remember never to place a pet’s bed (or anything else, including toys) on top of an air vent in winter. Metal vents can really heat up when the system is pumping out hot air and keeping them clear of obstructions not only helps your system function properly, it helps you avoid a fire hazard.
Is it time for a heating system tune up?
Reach out to MTB Mechanical to find out how to make your home more comfortable for your four-legged friends this winter.
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