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How to Insulate Windows and Doors for Cold Weather

Are your windows and doors letting heat right out of your home? If you can’t seem to regulate the temperature in certain rooms or if you can feel cold drafts, it may be time for an insulation upgrade.At MTB Mechanical, we know that a functional HVAC system is only as good as the insulative properties of the home. Sometimes all it takes to fix a “malfunctioning” heating system is just more insulation! Here are some of our best tips for insulating your windows and doors for winter.
The easiest and most effective way to seal up your windows and doors is to plug any existing leaks. Using all-weather caulk to match your exterior moldings, draw a thin line around each door and window’s frame from the outside. Inside, install a thin strip of weatherstripping (available at most hardware stores) to ensure a tight seal under doors and closed windows. It’s smart to re-caulk every few years to ensure your caulk hasn’t cracked, chipped, or otherwise peeled away.
Invest in Curtains
Curtains aren’t only attractive, they also insulate your home! Heavy drapes in wintertime can block drafts, and they’re excellent at insulating your windows from the cold air outside. Just be sure to open the curtains in the morning to let in as much sunlight as possible during the day for a little natural heating boost.
Storm Windows
Make no mistake, storm windows are an investment. Double-paned storm windows are an excellent way to make your home significantly more energy efficient, though, and they’re also great for resale value on your home. Ask a local window installer about federal rebate offers, and if you have a historic home, be sure to check local preservation laws before replacing any exterior features of your home, including the windows!
Window Film
Insulative window films are an inexpensive way to add an additional layer of insulation to existing windows. They can be especially helpful in homes with very old windows or in rooms where windows are everywhere. The appearance of the glass will change slightly once applied, and there are dozens of types of window films: some pre-cut and some that must be cut-to-size.
The best way to tell why your home is losing so much heat? Contact MTB Mechanical today. Our experienced technicians are happy to perform a full HVAC evaluation to look for any underlying heating system problems and identify solutions that can keep you warmer this winter.
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