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3 Things to Know About Space Heaters

Space heaters come in many shapes and sizes. They’re used both residentially and commercially to heat small- to medium-sized areas when central heating is inadequate, too costly, or unable to be used.Although space heaters seem convenient, they’re typically riskier and less effective than a central heating system. MTB Mechanical works hard with our product partners to make heating as affordable as possible for clients all over Charlotte; contact us today for more information on installing a new furnace or maintaining your current one.
In the meantime, here are three important things to know about space heaters.
1. Not all space heaters are created equal.
You might be surprised at the sheer variety of options when it comes to choosing a space heater. Most heaters operate between 10,000-40,000 Btu and run off of one of several common fuel sources: electricity, kerosene, natural gas, or propane. Space heaters can be convection (circulating heated air) or radiant (emitting infrared heat) and work within a very specific confined space. The terms “portable heater,” “mobile heater,” and “compact heater” all interchangeably refer to space heaters.
2. Space heaters can be extremely dangerous.
Even given the risks, some people still rely on space heaters to warm up drafty rooms or to save money on expensive heating costs. If you must use a space heater, understand that they cause over 25,000 residential fires per year. Gas-powered versions also drastically increase the risk factors for carbon monoxide poisoning – to be safe you should never operate a natural gas, propane, or other gas-powered heater indoors! How can you use an electric space heater safely? By purchasing a newer model heater that includes mandatory safety features; by using a heater sized specifically for the space it’s used in; giving heaters “space” to heat by ensuring fabric, rugs, furniture, and skin stay far away from the heating element.
3. Portable heaters may not be less expensive than central heat, after all.
What they make up for in size, some portable heaters lack in efficiency. Space heaters aren’t subject to the same EER ratings as HVAC units or even portable AC systems. Energy-saving models exist, but millions of people still operate old space heaters that are less than energy efficient. When comparing the cost of using a space heater to the cost of a new heating system, consider factors such as longevity, safety, and ultimate convenience. The cost of purchasing a new space heater for every room in your house is likely to outweigh any investment you might make in a functional heating system!
Space heaters should never be left on at night or when no one is in the room. They can be loud, they can be inefficient, and they can actually be dangerous.
Are you tired of relying on a space heater to keep you warm in winter? MTB Mechanical can help. Check out our seasonal deals and specials and give one of our experienced technicians a call today. We’re happy to help you determine the most efficient, cost-effective heating system for your space.
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