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What a Home Remodel Means for Your HVAC

Home remodels are surprisingly common, and the practice is on the rise in many housing markets. According to the Census Bureau, nearly a third of all remodel activity actually includes major additions or renovations.But what does your remodel mean for your HVAC system?
If you’re undergoing a significant remodel or adding additional square footage to your home, it’s critical that you enlist the help of a qualified HVAC professional to determine whether or not your current heating and cooling system can support the new space. The disadvantages of having an HVAC unit that’s too BIG or too SMALL for your home can be various; an improperly-sized system costs you money and has a shorter life span.
A remodel is also a good time to consider whether or not your current HVAC system is efficient enough for your needs. If your furnace or AC unit are 10+ years old, they may not be operating as efficiently as they could be, wasting energy and upping your utility bills. Consider replacing your outdated units with ENERGYSTAR rated units and installing smart thermostats to further conserve energy. You may even be able to claim a tax credit or rebate for doing so!
Don’t forget that your HVAC components need protection during a renovation! If any work will be done near your outside unit, cover it with a tarp during working hours to protect it from dust and debris. Be sure to remove the tarp once the workers go home each night. Indoors, you’ll want to change your filters more frequently than usual to help keep out particulates like sawdust, sheetrock dust, and other construction byproducts. Consider scheduling your renovation during a temperate time of the year so you can turn your system off completely while work is being done and avoid overworking your HVAC system while workers traipse in and out of the house. This is especially important if you’re having any roof work completed.
Questions about how your renovation will affect your current HVAC setup? Give the friendly folks at MTB Mechanical a call today to schedule a consultation.

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