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How to Manage Humid Indoor Air This Summer

The humidity level inside your home is more important than you think.When humidity levels are too high, condensation can form on windows, mold can grow inside bathrooms, and the air can take on a clammy, moist feel. If humidity’s low, wooden furniture can degrade, wallpaper can peel, and your skin can become parched and dry. Here in Charlotte, high humidity is a far more common issue than low humidity, especially in summertime.
What Should My Home’s Humidity Level Be?
Humidity is roughly defined as the “amount of water vapor in the air at a specific temperature.” It’s also described as “relative humidity.” Warm air holds onto water vapor better than cold air, and when the humidity level is 100%, the air contains as much water vapor as is relatively possible.
As a rule, your home’s humidity level should rest somewhere between 30-50% for maximum comfort. Most people feel best when the humidity level is somewhere close to 50%. How can you tell what the humidity level is inside your home? Some digital thermostats contain a hygrometer which reports an exact humidity measurement. Signs like fogged windows, condensation, and mildew growth or smells are also an indication that humidity levels are too high.
Controlling High Humidity Inside Your Home
In Charlotte, days where outside humidity levels reach the 90% or more are not uncommon during summer. If the air feels oppressive outside, it’s going to be tougher to keep humidity levels regulated inside, too. Here are a few things you can do to better manage indoor humidity:
Use exhaust fans where possible when cooking and bathing to circulate drier air.
Keep water use inside the home to a minimum. Shorten your showers, cook outside, and even get rid of houseplants.
Talk to your Charlotte HVAC specialist about installing a whole-home dehumidification system, particularly important for tightly-sealed homes and/or new construction.
Service your air conditioner to ensure it is functioning properly to remove moisture and recondition circulating air in the home.
Consider adding carpet; carpet “traps” humidity better than hard flooring.
Other Tips for Summer Humidity in Charlotte
Your AC unit was built for the dog days of summer! Don’t be afraid to use it when the mercury rises, but be sure to call in the pros if you suspect your system isn’t working as well as it should be. In summertime, you’ll want to change your filters more often than usual and be careful to keep doors and windows closed as often as possible.
Need some help addressing humidity levels in your home? Give MTB Mechanical a call. We’re your Charlotte summer comfort experts and we’re ready to help!

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