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5 HVAC Tips to Save Energy

Are you energy conscious? You should be! Residential energy consumption is rising, and nearly half of all the energy you use in your home goes to power your HVAC system. The older your system, the more likely it is to be wasting precious energy (and money!) while it heats and cools your home.Looking to save some energy this season? Here are five HVAC tips that will have you feeling – and saving – green.
1. Changing your air filter more often is one of the easiest ways to make a dent in your energy usage. The harder your HVAC system has to work to push cool or warm air through a filter, the more energy it uses. Aim for once-a-month filter changes during heavy use seasons and at least once every three months otherwise.
2. Adding a programmable thermostat to your existing HVAC system is a smart way to take control of your heating and cooling. Not only can you schedule the system to turn off and on exactly when you need it, ultra-smart thermostats can actually adjust themselves when they sense the home is empty, and even regulate your indoor humidity levels.
3. Scheduling an annual HVAC tune-up (or bi-annual: once in spring and once in fall) is a great way to keep your recurring energy costs down by catching energy drains as they occur. Clogged ducts, leaky condensers, and even vermin infestations can all cut down on your home’s energy efficiency.
4. Installing fans in the rooms you spend the most time in can help moderate temperature year-round. Here in Charlotte, fans can be particularly useful during shoulder seasons when it’s hard to tell if you need the heat, the AC, or neither.
5. By far the most effective way to lessen your heating and cooling bills and make your HVAC system more energy efficient is to replace your outdated unit with a newer one. An energy specialist can help you select a system that’s right for your climate and home size. Although a new HVAC system is an investment, replacing an inefficient model can save you hundreds and even thousands a year on wasted energy costs.
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