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4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Hot Weather

It’s about to get HOT here in Charlotte!July is Charlotte’s hottest month, on average…is your home ready? Your friends at MTB Mechanical have a few useful tips for preparing your home for this summer’s humid heat. Here are four things you can do this weekend to get your house ready.
1. Switch the Fans
Did you know that your ceiling fans spin in two different directions? Many people don’t, and switching your ceiling fans to spin counterclockwise in summer is an economical way to keep occupied rooms cool. When your fans spin counterclockwise they’re actually pulling warm air up towards the ceiling. You can use the same trick in winter, too, to push warm air down as the fans spin clockwise!
2. Service Your AC System
Your AC unit is about to start running overtime – if it’s not already. Change your filters once a month during periods of extremely heavy use, and call MTB for an HVAC inspection to ensure your grills are functional, your coolant is flowing, and your thermostat is communicating with the machine. Your local HVAC professional can likely tune-up your system in just a few hours, keeping you cool all summer long.
3. Do an Energy Audit
You can call in a professional for an energy audit, or you can conduct one yourself. Check for drafts around windows and doors; add weather strips and/or caulk where necessary. Look at the insulation in the attic and basement to be sure it hasn’t compacted over the years. Also make sure you don’t have stored goods or insulation blocking any of the vents to and from your home.
4. Clean the Grill
Did you know the way you cook has a lot to do with how hot your house feels? Cooking indoors can raise both the temperature and the humidity levels inside your home. Consider brushing up on your grilling techniques or learning a few recipes for no-cook meals. Cook less and cool off…it’s a win-win!
Has it been a while since you’ve had your air conditioner professionally inspected?
A professional inspection can uncover issues with your condenser, your coils, blocked ducts, or even your electrical components. Regular inspections keep your system working properly and can extend the life of your HVAC unit by years!
MTB Mechanical has been Charlotte’s choice for professional HVAC maintenance for decades. Call us today to find out which great summer HVAC specials help make your AC inspection even more affordable!

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