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4 Simple Ways to Reduce Allergens In Your Home

Here in Charlotte, allergies are a real problem for many people. Both fall and spring allergy seasons leave residents here wheezing, sneezing, and generally feeling terrible! For kids and seniors, especially, allergies can be a serious health concern.What can you do to reduce the level of allergens in your home? It’s easier than you think. Here are four simple tips from your friends at MTB Mechanical to help keep the air you breathe cleaner and clearer all allergy season long.
1. Invest in an air cleaner.
Many of our clients are surprised to learn just how easy it is to improve their air quality right at the source. From electrostatic air cleaners to HEPA filters to full-scale air purification systems, you have options when it comes to controlling the air in your home. Talk to an indoor air quality specialist about which purification product makes the most sense for your house.
2. Upgrade your vacuum.
Have you been using the same vacuum cleaner for years? Be sure you’re using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter; they’re made to trap particulates as tiny as 0.3 microns which means the can grab every speck of pollen and dust. Especially if you have a pet, try to vacuum once every other day during allergy season, and dust the furniture before you do.
3. Change those filters.
Have you been changing your air filters once every three months? Great! Unfortunately you need to change them monthly if you suffer from allergies. Your HVAC air filter not only helps your system work properly, it actually keeps fine particulates and allergens from making their way into your home. MTB Mechanical has a free air filter reminder you can use if you just can’t seem to remember!
4. Get an extra doormat.
You probably already have a doormat on your porch or entryway, but did you know you need one inside the doorway, too? It helps trap excess allergens before they enter the air supply and also keeps you from stirring up dust and debris on your way out the door. During allergy season, try to use only one exterior door to minimize outside air flow into your home.
Allergies in Charlotte? Staying vigilant about clean air is the best way to keep your symptoms at bay. If you need a more holistic answer for your home or office, contact MTB Mechanical for clean air solutions today. We’re always available to take your call.

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