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3 Ways to Cook Cooler in the Summertime

Is there anything worse than stepping into a boiling-hot kitchen in the middle of summer?When in use, the kitchen can quickly become the hottest part of the house. Whether you’re the uncomfortable cook or just worried about your HVAC system working overtime, here are a few tips from your friends at MTB Mechanical on cooking cooler this summer.
1. Summer was made for grilling.
There’s a reason grilling out has become a summertime tradition! Grilling is actually an ancient process. Hunters cooked their meat over open fire away from tents and shelter to keep those areas cool (and smoke-free!)
Grilling outdoors is one way to keep your kitchen from ever heating up in the first place. Not only that, but grilling is healthier than many alternative cooking methods and the smoke will keep pesky bugs away, too. Just be sure to keep outside doors closed as often as possible when you’re heading back and forth to the kitchen.
2. Avoid boiling and other humid activities.
Using your stovetop when it’s hot outside is not an inherently bad idea. What actually makes kitchen heat feel unbearable is humidity, or the amount of moisture held onto by the air. When you cook food on the stove that contains a lot of moisture, the steam that’s produced makes the surrounding air more humid.
When possible, avoid steam-producing activities like boiling water, simmering soups or sauces, or braising. Summer’s freshest foods are best when cooked less, so opt for raw produce, quick-cooking meats, and cool dressings when possible to avoid creating a humid environment. It’s also important for your stove vent to work properly, venting humid air outside rather than just dispersing it throughout the house.
3. Turn off the oven.
Ovens produce a staggering amount of heat. From gas to electric to convection, ovens hold onto heat and inevitably release it into the surrounding areas. The longer your oven is on, the hotter your kitchen will become!
If you do need to cook in the oven, open the door only as often as you must. Avoid prolonged periods of pre-heating and be sure your oven seals properly; you shouldn’t feel any warm air “leaking” out the sides. When in doubt, call in an appliance specialist to be sure.
Does your home feel hotter than it should? If the Charlotte heat is getting to you, schedule an appointment with an MTB Mechanical technician. HVAC maintenance is essential to staying cool this summer!

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