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3 Ways to Camouflage Your AC Unit

Your air conditioner may be one of the most important appliances in your home, but it’s not the most attractive. Most homeowners look for ways to make their outdoor HVAC unit slightly less prominent, but remember there are good ways and bad ways to camouflage your AC. Here are some tips from your friends at MTB Mechanical.1.Use a Lattice Screen
There’s a reason lattice surrounds are the classic air conditioner camouflage! Made out of everything from resin to wood, “privacy panels” with a lattice design as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. Why lattice? The holes allow hot air to escape as your AC system conditions your indoor air, a prerequisite of any good AC cover. Lattice screens can also easily be moved if your unit needs to be serviced or repaired. It’s relatively simple to find (or make!) a screen in a color scheme that will match the trim of your home.
2. Grow a Trellis
A trellis provides many of the same benefits as a lattice screen. Additionally, trellises made of metal or wood are usually taller which adds a vertical element to your garden design. Which plants work well on AC trellises? Choose something heat-tolerant that will withstand the output of your air conditioner. Smart choices include vines like clematis, bougainvillea, morning glory, or jasmine. Be sure to give your air conditioner at least two feet of space between the trellis and the machine so it can “breathe,” and expect it to take a year or two for the vines to fully grow in.
3. Install a Plant “Wall”
As with screens, you want to install plants a few feet away from your AC unit to give the system plenty of room for air. We suggest using potted plants on at least one side of the appliance so they can be moved if your AC ever needs to be serviced. Tall ferns, boxwoods, bamboo, and even hydrangeas will all eventually grow tall enough to shield your view of the HVAC. Be sure to regularly check the root system of whatever you plant to ensure roots aren’t encroaching on the slab foundation underneath your AC.
Is it time for a new AC system? Models come in all shapes and sizes and a professional can help you select a system that works perfectly in your space. It’s best to build your screen around your AC, not the opposite; your HVAC unit should last ten years or more!
Need help choosing the right air conditioner for your home? Contact your friends at MTB Mechanical today to get started.

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