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3 Reasons Your Air Conditioning May Be Freezing Up

As the warmer weather rolls in, air conditioning units in Charlotte and the surrounding areas are taking on heavier workloads. But what happens when your air conditioning unit freezes up and isn’t providing you with the cool relief you were hoping—and expecting—to enjoy? What could possibly be causing your HVAC problems? We’ve put together three common issues that can cause your air conditioning unit to “freeze up.”Blocked air flow
Blocked air flow is usually the main culprit of an air conditioning unit malfunction. If the air flow inside your home is blocked, there is no air flowing through the HVAC system to stop the condensate on the evaporator coil from freezing. Chances are, your air filter is dirty which can clog the intake, hindering adequate airflow. To correct this problem, you can typically just change your air filter.
Low or leaking refrigerant
Low or leaking refrigerant in your HVAC unit forces the system to try and expand to fill the space of the missing refrigerant. However, this expansion causes the pressure inside the unit to drop and along with it, the temperature. The moisture inside the air conditioning unit freezes when it comes in contact with the evaporator coil as the coil temp drops below freezing. This process causes your air conditioner to “freeze up” and stop working.
Mechanical failure
One reason your air conditioning freezes could be the result of a basic mechanical failure. Perhaps you have a clogged filter dryer, the blower an isn’t running or has been dinged, or there’s a crinkle in your refrigerant lines. These issues (among many others) could be the culprit of a potential HVAC and air conditioning failure.
MTB Mechanical specializes in heating and air conditioning. If you’re having problems with your HVAC unit, contact our team. We can help you get to the bottom of your problems.

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