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Why Is My Furnace Filter Wet?

Your HVAC system’s filter serves an important purpose. When working properly, it keeps dust and fine particulates from circulating throughout the house. If your HVAC filter is wet, it can’t do its job!What Causes a Wet Air or Furnace Filter?
As your system’s evaporator coil cools, it condenses water straight out of the air. That’s a natural byproduct of a functioning HVAC system. When working correctly, the condensation will drip out of a drip pipe (“condensate line”) away from your house, but if that line gets clogged, condensation will back up. A backup in your condensate line can cause your filter to become damp and in some cases, soaking wet.
Why is a Wet Furnace Filter a Problem?
When wet, your filter becomes inefficient. Not only is less air able to pass through it at once, the filter’s ability to block dust and particulates becomes diminished. Not only that, but a filter that stays wet for a long period of time might encourage biological growth! That’s unhealthy for you and your family, and if you don’t check your filter often or have a professional HVAC inspection at least twice a year, you may be none the wiser.
What Should You Do About a Wet Furnace Filter?
It’s always smart to call in a professional HVAC company to inspect your entire system if any element of your HVAC isn’t working properly. They can identify emerging issues as well as provide a quick-fix for small problems like clogs or loose parts. If you prefer the DIY route, check the condensate line for visible clogs, and use a strong vacuum on “reverse” to see if you can pull the clog loose. In some cases, a spider’s nest or lint has built up and can be easily sucked out. If that doesn’t work, you may have an impacted coil which will require the help of a professional. Once the source of the problem is remedied, your wet furnace filter should be immediately replaced.
Is your furnace filter wet? MTB Mechanical is your furnace expert in Charlotte and we’ve seen more wet furnace filters than we can count. In most cases, the fix is relatively straightforward, so call today for an on-site inspection.
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