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“What’s That Smell?”: 3 Things to Know About Your Heating System in Fall

We get a lot of calls this time of year from worried homeowners hoping their heating system isn’t on the fritz. When a large machine has been dormant for six months or more, it’s bound to need an adjustment period. At MTB Mechanical, we’re here to help whether your heating system needs repair or you just need advice.Here are three very important things to know about your heating system in the fall.
1. When you turn your system on, you might notice a smell.
This is the most common complaint we get from property owners every fall. Turning on your heating system might result in a slight odor at first. It can smell dusty, smoky, or even a little like burning – the key is how long the smell lasts. It’s totally normal for your heating system to produce a little smell, room-by-room, when it first becomes active for the season. The smell should dissipate, though, within an hour or two. If it persists any longer than that you may have an issue with a part, belt, or filter that needs to be addressed.
2. You can set your HVAC system up for success.
There are a few things to can do to actually increase the efficiency of your heating system this fall. The first is to change your air filters. Ideally, you’ll change them at least once every three months, or more if your family suffers from allergies or asthma. Additionally, remove the floor registers and use a vacuum attachment to suck up dust and debris that has accumulated over the last few months – this can cause your system to work harder and the air you breathe to be compromised. Lastly, contact an experienced heating system specialist for a comprehensive evaluation before the winter weather hits. They’ll catch any looming issues before they become big problems.
3. Your heating system should be relatively quiet.
Of course, you’ll be able to hear the system turn off and on, and maybe even some air flow through your vents. If you notice a lot of unusual noises, though, like clanking, whirring, or whining, they may be signs of an underlying issue. It’s smart to run your heating system through a test cycle when the house is relatively empty so you can listen for these signs without interruption.
Is your heating system ready for fall? Contact the folks at MTB Mechanical today for a $89 heating system checkup that will set you up for success all season long.
We’re Charlotte’s heating experts, and we’re waiting on your call!

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