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What to Expect During Your Heating System Checkup

It’s time for your annual heating system checkup in Charlotte! MTB Mechanical specializes in helping you maintain a functional, efficient HVAC system throughout the year, and fall is one of our busiest seasons.Don’t be tempted to skip this year’s checkup: it’s how we catch hundreds of issues that could lead to disasters come winter. Wondering what to expect during your evaluation? Here’s what your MTB Mechanical technician will help you with.
Visual Inspection
We’ll start by performing a full visual inspection of your entire heating system. This includes the duct work, your vents, and especially your furnace, boiler, or heating element. This step is when we’re likely to discover issues such as loose parts, clogs, or leaky seals.
Inspection of Parts
From there, we’ll do an inspection of the actual components of your heating system. That means we’ll make sure the heat exchanger works properly as well as the burners. We’ll even check the thermostats to ensure they’re properly “communicating” with your heating system.
Checking Auxiliary Elements
There are dozens of components to any HVAC system, and every home is different. Your technician will check your safety controls, your pilot light, your air filters, and even measure the carbon monoxide to ensure you don’t have any unhealthy leaks.
System Boot-Up
Lastly, we’ll operate the entire system for a few minutes to ensure it’s working exactly the way it should. Maybe you’re used to the slow uptick of temperature in your house, but our experienced technicians might recognize an issue causing your heat to flow inefficiently.
The whole process typically takes about an hour. After all the rounds of inspections are completed, your MTB technician will provide you with a full report, both written and verbal. This is when you’ll talk about the issues your heating system has – leaks, clogs, broken parts – and discuss the remedies. In many cases, HVAC systems get a clean bill of health and can wait until spring for another inspection. If you have a problem that needs addressing, we’ll identify your options and talk to you about heating repair, replacement, and even financing if necessary.
Ready for your discounted heating system checkup in Charlotte? We are too. Give MTB Mechanical a call today to schedule your evaluation now.

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