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Is Your Thermostat Costing You Money?

Your thermostat is one of the most underrated components of your HVAC system. It’s the linchpin of your home’s heating and cooling, and it might be costing you money. Why invest in a state-of-the-art HVAC system if your thermostat is sabotaging its efficiency from day one?Here are a couple ways your thermostat might need evaluating.
It’s Not Up-To-Date
Manual thermostats (the kind with a sliding temperature gauge) are quaint, but they’re not the most efficient. It’s difficult to pinpoint temperature to an exact degree, and even a few degrees in the wrong direction can cost you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling costs each year. A digital thermostat is the easiest way to be sure your system’s working to the intended setting.
It Doesn’t Program
Another downside of older thermostats is their inability to be programmed. Programmable thermostats save you tons of money each year by automatically adjusting the temperature based on your preferences whether you remember to set them or not. Simple programmable thermostats can be set to change temps at different times of day; more complex digital thermostats can actually learn your schedule and auto-adjust the thermostat accordingly.
Your thermostat is the window into your HVAC system, and it’s usually the first place to look if you suspect your system isn’t running as efficiently as it used to. If you notice it takes too long for your home to reach the desired temperature, or that your automatic thermostat is constantly adjusting and readjusting itself, it might be time for an inspection of your entire system.
MTB Mechanical can help you diagnose problems with your thermostat and your entire HVAC system, then offer cost-effective solutions. Our experienced technicians are ready to hear from you today!

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