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Is Your Shrubbery Damaging Your Air Conditioner?

Did you know that the shrubbery in your yard may be contributing to higher-than-average energy bills? Most homeowners don’t. And we get it – no one’s HVAC unit is the most attractive feature in their yard – but it’s there to do a job: keeping your home cool!The Problem with Your Shrubs and Your AC
Here in Charlotte’s temperate growing climate, plenty of large shrubs and bushes thrive. Planting these plants around a mechanical AC unit can certainly help beautify the area…if it’s done properly. Unfortunately, well-meaning homeowners and builders alike often plant too close to the AC unit, causing myriad issues down the line. AC “fences” can cause the same issues, too.
Over time, shrubs planted around your air conditioner will grow larger and cause it to work less efficiently. The outdoor condensing coil on your AC unit is where all the heat removed from your home exits and disperses. If obstructions like shrubs or fencing block the flow of this hot air, heat in the entire unit is removed less efficiently, causing it to work harder to cool down.
What Can Obstructive Shrubs Do to Your Air Conditioner?
When your HVAC unit runs less efficiently than it should, it has to work overtime to keep up with the demands of hot Charlotte summers. For one thing, this means your house won’t be cooled as quickly as you’d like it to be. For another, your AC unit is going to run more often and for longer periods of time. Over the course of years, an inefficient outdoor circulation system can cause your unit to break more often and even reduce the overall lifespan of your entire system. Don’t let your shrubbery cost you money!
And don’t forget: there are other things to look out for when it comes to an outdoor AC condenser. Aside from overgrown shrubs, dirt, leaves, and pinestraw built up around the condenser will effect air flow, too. Just make an effort a couple of times a month to check your unit for debris and remove it when necessary.
The best way to maximize the efficiency of your Charlotte air conditioner is to let it breathe! Not only does crowding the AC unit overwork your system, it can make the whole unit more difficult to service when the time inevitably comes.
Is it time for some preventative maintenance on your AC unit? Call MTB Mechanical to schedule an appointment today. We’ve been serving Charlotte for over 40 years!

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