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How to Manage Your Kids’ Allergies This Fall

Allergies are the worst, particularly if you’re a kid. No child wants to sneeze recess away, and no parent wants to hear their children wheezing and coughing through the night. Fall allergies can be tough and for some people, worse than spring’s!Here’s how to manage your kids’ allergies this fall, once and for all.
Clean Your Air Filters
The air filters inside your HVAC system are meant to stop fine particulates from entering and traveling through your home. Changing them once a month, ideally, is the best way to ensure they’re working overtime to stop fall allergens like ragweed pollen and dust from making your kids sick. Need help remembering? Sign up for our filter reminder here.
Bag Up Those Leaves
Although pollen and blooming plants are the biggest culprit for fall allergies, mold is also a problem. Mold spores can grow inside your home in damp areas such as bathrooms and basements, but did you know that the damp, cooler conditions outdoors this time of year actually contributes to mold allergies, too? Piles of wet leaves and lawn refuse can harbor tons of allergenic mold; bag them up regularly and even prune trees to give your yard more drying sun if necessary.
Don’t Bring Allergens Inside
Although it’s impossible to control the conditions outdoors, you can implement strategies to keep from dragging allergens inside. Have everyone take off their shoes and coats before entering your house to avoid tracking in pollen. And be sure to get your car washed once a week to remove pollen during prime allergy season. Regular cleaning of dust and other fine particulates off of indoor surfaces can go a long way towards helping your kids breathe better.
Install an Indoor Filtration System
Your kids spent upwards of 10 hours a day inside your home…shouldn’t it be their haven from allergens? Contrary to popular belief, the air inside the average American home is actually dirtier than the air outside. Air purification systems are more affordable than you think and they can be utilized year round to provide better air quality indoors. Whether you’ve got an issue with fall allergies, humidification, or you just want to create an inhospitable environment for germs inside your home, MTB Mechanical’s air purifiers can help.
Fall allergies don’t have to be suffered through each and every year. If your child’s allergies show signs of getting worse or if they’re impacting her sleep, studies, or overall functionality, it may be time to see an allergy specialist.
In the meantime, do what you can to create a safe haven from pollen and other pollutants inside your home. Your kids will be glad you did.

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