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How a Wireless Thermostat Can Actually Save You Money

Have you been considering having a wireless thermostat installed in your home? They’re one of the most popular HVAC solutions offered by MTB Mechanical, and they can save you loads of money on energy costs over time.What is a Wireless Thermostat?
A wireless thermostat is a home automation device that helps communicate with your HVAC system, regulating the temperature, humidity, and other conditions inside your home. Also called a “smart” thermostat, these devices connect to the internet using an IP and can be controlled from your phone, computer, and other devices. Some security systems have “whole home automation” programs that can control everything from the temperature to the opening and closing of doors.
How do Wireless Thermostats Work?
It’s always best to have your wireless thermostat professionally installed by an HVAC technician. Failure to install the system correctly can, at best, make your system run inefficiently and, at worst, even pose a fire hazard. Once installed, you set up login credentials for your thermostat using an app. The app allows the thermostat to adjust from anywhere: you can shut off the heat, turn on the air, adjust the humidity levels, and more. You can schedule your thermostat to do different things at different times of day, tell it you’re out of town, and even encourage it to “learn” your habits as you move about your home. It’s highly convenient!
How do They Save Money?
Because programmable thermostats are designed to adjust the temperature based on your habits (i.e. you always turn the air conditioning down when you get home from work), they’ll eventually help make your HVAC usage more efficient. By only turning off and on, up and down when necessary, your system will burn through less energy. Of course, your savings greatly depend on usage, but even the simplest wireless thermostats can save you upwards of 15% on your energy costs, and up to 33%! That can translate to $300-$400 per year! Although programmable thermostats are more expensive than traditional thermostats, they generally pay for themselves pretty quickly.
Want to learn more about programmable thermostats? Call the experts at MTB Mechanical today to talk about your options and learn about the wireless thermostat brands we support. (704) 459-4066

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