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5 Things to Expect from Charlotte in Fall

Is there any more beautiful season in Charlotte than fall? The leaves are turning, people are out and about, and you can even start to smell wood-burning fireplaces light up on the chilliest of days! At MTB Mechanical, we’ve been servicing Charlotte’s HVAC needs for over forty years and we know that fall is one of the busiest seasons in the industry.Whether you just moved here or have simply forgotten what last year was like, here are five things to expect from Charlotte in fall.
1. Allergies are back with a vengeance.
Spring allergies can be bad, yes, but in Charlotte, fall allergies hit hard. Allergens like ragweed bloom this time of year and we get more calls in fall than any other time of year about solutions such as home air purifiers. Remember: change your vents often, consider an air filtration system, and keep windows closed to ensure allergens stay at a minimum.
2. Hot, then cold, then hot, then cold again…
Fall weather is beautiful and if we’re lucky here in Charlotte, we’ll get a week or two worth of days that don’t require HVAC at all! For the most part, though, you’ll be turning your AC on then switching to heat – then back again – multiple times during the season. If you notice a persistent smell or noise from your long-dormant heating system, it might be time for a comprehensive repair.
3. You might get sick of adjusting your thermostat.
Tired of getting up in the night to adjust the thermostat? You’re not alone. The unpredictable weather in Charlotte during fall might have you considering the myriad benefits of a programmable thermostat or, better yet, a digital version. MTB Mechanical can help you install a thermostat that will keep you from constantly hopping up and down.
4. It’s time to change your air filters!
We like to recommend customers change their air filters once a month for the best air quality possible. If that’s not realistic, it’s important you change your filters at least once every three months, and one of the easiest ways to remember is to do it at the change of the seasons. Fall is here…time to switch out that dirty old filter!
5. Deals on new AC systems abound.
Here in Charlotte, fall is the best season to replace your air conditioner. Many people wait until their system breaks or fails to turn on when the weather heats back up in late spring, but making the switch in fall could get you a great deal on a new air conditioner. Act now and beat the rush.

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