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4 Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair

At MTB Mechanical, we’re already starting to get calls from Charlotteans looking to have their heating systems repaired. These customers are noticing tell-tale signs that their HVAC system might be on the fritz, and they’re smart to call before winter’s in full swing.Are you concerned your heating system might need to be repaired? Here are four signs you should call MTB Mechanical’s team of experienced pros sooner rather than later.
1. Persistent Smell
When you turn on your heating system for the first time, you’ll probably notice a bit of a dusty, almost “burned” odor for a few minutes. This should dissipate. If it continues for more than a few hours, change your filter to see if it helps. Once you have a new filter in, if you’re still smelling an odor you should turn the system off and call for a professional evaluation immediately.
2. Ineffective Heating
If you notice that certain rooms or spots in your home are unusually cold or warm with the heat on, you may have a system that’s blocked or malfunctioning. Having your heating system inspected at least once a year is a good way to stay on top of any pervasive aging issues you might have, all of which can add up if ignored for years at a time.
3. High Energy Bill
In general, your energy bill shouldn’t be all that different in the heat of summer than it is in the dead of winter. If you’ve begun using your heat and your energy costs have shot up sky-high, compare them to the same time last year and the year before. If you notice an upward trend, it may be a sign your aging system can’t keep up with the demands of your home. Give us a call – it may be time to check the functions of your HVAC unit.
4. Clanking Parts and Pieces
All furnaces make a bit of noise even when they’re functioning properly, but if yours is making loud creaks, groans, or other unusual noises, be wary. You could have a loose belt, a component on its last leg, or an ignition problem that’s causing your system to work overtime.
MTB Mechanical specializes in heating system repairs in the Charlotte area and we’ve got decades of experience on our side. We may not suffer from artic-level winters here in North Carolina, but no one wants to suffer through a heating system breakdown when you need warmth the most.
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