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3 Reasons Your Heat Might Be On the Fritz

Is your heat on the fritz? You may or may not know the signs of heating problems in your home or business, but you’ll surely feel it when your heat stops working. Don’t let things get to that point. If your heating system is trying to tell you something – it’s working overtime, your house won’t stay warm, you notice a weird smell – call a professional HVAC installer like MTB Mechanical.They’ll suggest a solution after identifying the issue which is likely one of these three major reasons heating systems go on the fritz.
1. Your heating system is getting old.
Like any appliance, your heating system will lose efficiency over time. If it’s particularly old it may be undersized for your home, causing it to work harder than it needs to. Over the years, heating system components wear out, lose lubricity, and leak. Particularly if you moved into a pre-owned home, you may not know whether the HVAC system was maintained properly – the less often the filters were changed and the system serviced, the faster it will eventually wear out.
2. Air circulation problems could be the culprit.
In many cases, the furnace or heat pump are working just fine in terms of heating the air, but the air can’t circulate properly. This could be caused by fan motor issues, broken belts or bearings, or breakages in the ventilation system itself. Dirty or clogged filters also make it difficult for air to flow properly throughout your home. The good news? This issue is often simple to fix and relatively inexpensive to repair, too.
3. Thermostat issues are often part of the problem.
If your heating system suddenly “stops working,” cross your fingers it’s a simple thermostat issue! Sometimes thermostats will stop communicating with the HVAC system itself which causes the heat to cease pumping out. Thermostats are equipped with trip mechanisms, too, that will cause a system shutdown in the event of an electric overload. In many cases a new thermostat, a reset of your digital thermostat, or a simple rewiring of your existing thermostat are all you need to get back up to speed.
MTB Mechanical sees many of the same issues again and again when it comes to repairing heating systems in Charlotte. In most cases, homeowners tell us repairs are quicker and more affordable than they expected – don’t always assume the worst when your heat goes out!
And remember, consistent maintenance is the best way to avoid surprising (and costly) heating issues down the road. Talk to your technician about MTB’s easy maintenance plans.

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