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Why You Need to Invest in HVAC Maintenance

Preventative HVAC maintenance is incredibly important when it comes to keeping your home comfortable and keeping your energy bills low. Your HVAC system is comprised of mechanical, electrical and other moving parts that all much work together in unison in order to work efficiently. By implementing routine maintenance, you’ll allowing your heating and air system to use less energy, have lower repair costs, live longer, and run safer.
And when it comes to HVAC maintenance, there are tasks the homeowner can complete on his own and there are other tasks that require the assistance of an HVAC professional.
Homeowner HVAC Maintenance Tasks
First and foremost, homeowners need to ensure their air filter is changed monthly. A dirty air filter contributes to an increased chance of system breakdowns, a shorter lifespan of the unit, higher energy bills, and increased contaminants inside your home.
In addition, you should ensure the outdoor air condenser is clean from dust and debris as this improves performance.
HVAC Professional Maintenance Tasks
When an HVAC professional visits your home to perform maintenance tasks, they not only clean your unit, but they also lubricate and adjust the system’s components to bring the equipment as closely back to its original condition as possible.
Through this process, a technician can spot any minor issues which could develop into larger problems if left unattended. In the longer run, this saves you money on potential repair and replacement costs.
Additionally, your HVAC professional will check the refrigerant level, which is particularly important for heat pumps. They’ll also inspect the lines, venting and more. If you have a gas furnace, they’ll also inspect for carbon monoxide leaks.
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