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Why is Your Air Conditioner So Loud?

Often the first clue that something’s wrong with your air conditioner comes when you start noticing its noise. Whether it’s a clicking, a rattling, or the constant on-and-off of the system itself, a loud AC unit can drive you crazy…and indicate you need a repair!Here are a few of the most common causes of a noisy air conditioning unit and what you can do about them:
Loud Fans
The fan on top of your air conditioner can easily trap debris, causing it to make noise. Anything from pinestraw to leaves can get lodged in your outdoor unit’s fan, causing it to function improperly and perhaps make a loud humming or rattling noise as it rotates. Rather than taking apart your own AC unit, it’s always best to consult a qualified HVAC professional like MTB Mechanical instead. You may even void the warranty on your system by working on it yourself. If you do decide to take a look, check the fan for obvious signs of debris. If there is none, you may have loose or bent blades that need to be addressed.
Mumbling Motors
All air conditioners have motors and over time, the lubrication on these appliances can degrade. Without proper lubrication between the motor’s parts, you may begin to hear a loud humming or grumbling noise coming from your unit. It’s an easy fix – usually requiring little more than specially-designed lubricant – but best left to a professional. Having a regular maintenance plan for your air conditioner is the best way to catch this issue before it becomes a nuisance.
Loose Screws
Because your air conditioner operates with considerable force, screws may vibrate loose over time. Tiny screws and nuts are often the root cause of a persistent, loud rattling sound that often seems worse than it is! If there are no obvious signs of loose or fallen screws in your unit or behind your vents, call a professional to have the system checked out.
Clogged Coils
Your AC unit is designed to filter dirt and pollutants with proper maintenance. One of the elements of your system that can become clogged with dirt is the coil fins – once enough dirt builds up they may start humming or jostling, and your unit might actually stop working altogether since many newer systems have automatic shut-off functions for clogs. Call a professional for an easy cleaning and service.
Constant Cutoff
If your air conditioner seems to constantly be turning itself on, then off, then on, then off, you may have a bigger issue. The sound of your unit revving up an AC cycle will never be silent, but a unit that perpetually turns over might have failing components like the compressor or motor. For many people, constant cutoff is the first sign that their ageing unit might be on its way out. Call a professional before your unit gives out altogether to get a quote on a repair or a new AC unit.
Never ignore noises coming from your air conditioner. They can be a sign of a problem with the appliance and in many cases, a quick repair can save you thousands down the road when you have to replace a long-malfunctioning unit before its time.
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