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Why is My Air Conditioning System Leaking?

First and foremost, it’s important to make the distinction between condensation and your air conditioner “leaking.” Your air conditioning system should release some condensation through the dehumidifying process, and that’s nothing to be alarmed about.However, if your A/C unit is pooling or leaking inside your home, attic or crawlspace, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed quickly in order to avoid damage to your home.
With all that said, finding the reason for leaking in your air conditioning unit is easier said than done. There are many potential causes of leaking A/C unit, but the most common are outlined below.
1. The Condensate Pump may be Broken
The condensate pump is one of the more common items at fault for a leaking air conditioner. To see if it’s the condensate pump, look at the water level in the pump. If it is full and the pump is not running or it is running but not actually pumping then you have a problem with the pump.
2. You May Have Duct Leakage
If cool conditioned air is leaking from your supply ducts it can cause the air around the leaks to condense moisture on the ductwork.
3. The Drain Hole may be Blocked
If your air conditioner’s drain hole is blocked by dirt or other debris, it’s difficult for your unit to remove excess water. Check the tubing to see if there is a blockage, and clear it if there is. Once cleared, water should be able to flow to the condenser pan and the pooling should cease.
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Regardless of the reason why your air conditioner is leaking, it’s best to have an experienced technician inspect your unit to determine the cause. Your A/C repair company will be able to find the problem, correct it, and also inspect your air conditioner for any potential problems in the future to correct them before they happen.
MTB Mechanical has been serving the Greater Charlotte Area since 1976, and our experienced air conditioning experts will educate you on your A/C unit and correct any issues. Call (704) 459-4066 to speak to a representative or visit MTB Mechanical’s website for additional information on our air conditioning services!

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