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How Much Does a New Air Conditioner Cost?

At MTB Mechanical, we get this question all the time. “How much does a new air conditioner cost?” is like asking “How much is a car?” or “How much money do I need for a vacation?” Of course, there are dozens of factors involved in coming up with a specific price for a new air conditioning system, all of which can affect the end-price.A few of these factors include:
The size of your home
The brand of AC you choose
Which company you choose to install and/or purchase from
How large a unit your home needs
How many features your unit has
How energy efficient your unit is
What kind of extra warranties you purchase
As you can see, it’s a tall order to ascribe a specific number to a general air conditioner purchase! That being said, here are a few general pricing guidelines for buying a new AC unit you can use to help jumpstart your research. And when you’re ready for a specific quote for a new air conditioner in Charlotte, call your local MTB Mechanical professional.
Many things go into changing out your air conditioner. Here at MTB we offer free quotes to replace your air conditioner. We never have any hidden fees – your AC installation is an all-inclusive process. What we quote includes the cost of the new equipment, installation/labor, electrical work, mechanical permits, electrical permits, mechanical inspections, electrical inspections, removal of the existing unit, etc. Make sure when choosing an HVAC company to perform your job that the price they give you up front includes all of these options.
At MTB, we always provide a 1-year labor warranty. We also register your equipment and submit any rebates that are available for you. There are many heating and air companies out there, but you want to make sure that you find someone that will do the job, and do it right. Warranty is extremely important, so make sure when you chose a heating and air company that they will still be in business if problems arise.
Surveys show that most homeowners spend between about $3,700-$7,000 on a new air conditioning system with the average cost just over $5,000. That may sound like a lot but remember, a new AC should last you ten years or more and will likely reduce your monthly energy costs drastically.
If you’d like more information on the cost of a new AC unit in Charlotte or you’d like to find out why so many of our customers recommend MTB Mechanical, Call us today at (704) 459-4066 ! We also have some amazing financing options available with approved credit.

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