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Spring Cleaning is a rite of passage for homeowners, but did you know your AC unit is one of the most important things to spruce up? After lying dormant for months, your air conditioning system needs a thorough checkup to ensure proper working order before the summer high temps hit. Here are a few ways you, in conjunction with an AC professional, can give your system a little “spring cleaning.”Start With the Filters
Before an AC pro even arrives, change the filters on your HVAC system per the provided guidelines. Generally, filters should be changed about once a month, but it’s essential for indoor air quality to remember at least once a season. Spring pollen makes now a particularly important time to keep your filters clean and fresh!
Dust Your Vents
If your home’s indoor intake vents are clogged, your system can’t function properly. Using a vacuum attachment brush or an old sock, wipe each slat of the vent to remove dust and debris. Be sure to remove the vent screen and check the corners and attachment points for dirt, too.
Brush Off the Unit
Outdoors, leaves have been falling and everything from pollen to pinestraw has likely built up around your actual AC unit. Take some time to remove any debris from on top of, underneath, and around your HVAC system to prevent clogs. You may also help prevent an insect or animal infestation while you’re at it!
Call an AC Professional
Now’s the time to bring in a trained HVAC specialist to maintain your system, not once it’s 100 degrees! Your MTB Mechanical technician can help make sure your drainage lines are flowing, your refrigerant is full, and your thermostat is working properly. And if you need a new part or even a new AC unit, spring is the perfect time to take advantage of rebates in your area.
Ready for help spring cleaning your HVAC system? Call MTB Mechanical at (704) 459-4066 today to schedule your $89 cooling system checkup!

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