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4 Ways to Lower the Humidity in Your Home

Humidity in your home isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The ideal measurement for your own health and comfort is about 30-50% humidity, depending on the season. If your home’s humidity levels run too high, you could actually be damaging everything from your hardwood floors to your drywall.Avoiding high home humidity is actually all about preparation. Once in place, a few safeguards can keep you from having to worry about humidity levels on a blazing Charlotte summer day, or when it’s rainy for a week on end. Here are a few suggestions to help you keep the humidity level in your home in check.
1. Install Exhaust Fans
Exhaust fans in bathrooms aren’t just there to control odors…they’re actually intended to keep the humidity level down in one of your home’s ‘moistest’ rooms. Exhaust fans work by actually sucking the moist air into your HVAC system then redistributing it throughout the house or, ideally, outside. It only takes about four pints of water to raise a 1,000 square foot home from 15% to 60% humidity. Imagine what a long, hot bath with the door closed does to the humidity level in your master bath!
2. Maintain Your HVAC System
One of the primary responsibilities of a properly-functioning HVAC system is actually to control the humidity levels in your home. If you notice a damp feeling in certain rooms, a musty smell in others, or if your windows are regularly foggy, it may be a sign that your system is having trouble keeping up with your home’s humidity output. If you have an older or incorrectly-sized air conditioner, a quick service call to MTB Mechanical can help you determine if it’s actually serving your home’s humidity needs as it should.
3. Install Storm Doors and Windows
Many people think humidity is only a problem in summertime, but in actuality, the warm air from your heating system against the cold exterior-facing surfaces of your home can actually create a lot of humidity. Installing storm doors and/or storm windows (or even two- or three-pane glass) can help temper the outside air before it touches your inside air. Not only that, but new doors and windows can actually make your home significantly more energy efficient.
4. Check for Leaks
Although it’s important to ensure your home is properly ventilated to outside, you don’t want too much moisture to escape. Such is the balance of home humidity levels! Leaks are one of the most common culprits of persistent, unsolvable humidity issues – particularly common among crawlspaces here in North Carolina. Check your basement or crawlspace first, then look into more hidden leak spots like your attic, in between walls, and underneath kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.
At MTB Mechanical, we’re experts in Charlotte home humidity issues. Call us today to schedule an $89 Cooling System Checkup to ensure your system is working properly, both to keep you cool and to keep your home dry.
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4 Ways to Lower the Humidity in Your Home

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