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4 Tips to Make Your HVAC Appointment Hassle-Free

When it comes to HVAC repair and replacement, it’s always helpful to know how the process works so the installation or repair can be hassle-free. Check out these four tips to help your service call move smoothly!1. Clean The Area Your Tech Will be Servicing
You should know well in advance when your service technician will be arriving. Help to maximize their efficiency, and minimize the time spent on your problem by cleaning the area they will be working in, give them a b-line to your furnace or cooling system so they can help you even faster!
2. Don’t Purchase Your Own Equipment
They’re the experts and they can put their name and integrity on the line for a service/Install. When you purchase your own equipment/parts most of the time a HVAC company will not touch it due to warranty & liability purposes.
3. Don’t Pre-Disassemble Your Unit
Service technicians know what they’re looking for and how to find it. Similarly, they know how to put together what they’ve taken apart. Hoping to be helpful by pre-disassembling something is often more harmful than you might think.
4. Don’t Lie to Your Service Tech
It can be tough to admit when you’ve made a problem worse. But if you’ve tinkered with your thermostat or haven’t changed your filter in 20 years, just tell your tech. They’re going to know something’s amiss the moment they look at it anyway.
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