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4 Reasons to Change Your HVAC Filters Monthly

Everyone knows to change their HVAC filters regularly, but what exactly is “regularly?” Lots of folks aim for once every few months, but there are actually several compelling reasons to change your HVAC filters monthly instead.1. Changing your filter saves you money.
Multiple studies have proven that a clean air filter can actually save you from 5-15% on your utility costs. That really adds up! The Department of Energy says the average family spends about $2,200 a year on energy – 15% of that is over $300, all for the cost of a few extra filters.
2. Extend the life of your HVAC unit with cleaner filters.
Not only does changing your filters more often very immediately save you money, it actually reduces the stress on your entire HVAC system over time. When your filters are clogged the motor in your system has to work harder to pump out clean air; all that extra work means more broken parts, more maintenance, and more repairs. We’re ready and waiting at MTB when you need an HVAC repair, but we’d like to save you the trouble if possible!
3. Improve indoor air quality with new filters.
Air quality is a big issue for most people whether they know it or not. Have you noticed that your allergies have gotten worse or that you’re getting more colds than you used to? Your indoor air quality could be to blame. Clean filters can drastically improve the air quality in your home, of particular importance in areas like Charlotte that have high pollen counts, construction dust, and particulate pollution.
4. Monthly is easier to remember.
If nothing else, changing your air filters on a monthly schedule is the easiest way to remember to actually do it! Setting your calendar for the first of every month and keeping a stockpile of filters at the ready is a surefire way to keep yourself accountable. Need help remembering to change your filters? MTB Mechanical created a free filter reminder to keep you on schedule – sign up today!
A little maintenance goes a long way when it comes to your HVAC system. Heating and cooling the air in your home is a complex process, and the less difficult you make the work for your HVAC system, the better it will work.
Need help determining which filters to use, or whether or not your HVAC system needs servicing? Call MTB Mechanical today for a consultation.

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