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3 Reasons Why Early Spring is the Best Time to Get a New Air Conditioner

Oftentimes, purchasing a new air conditioning unit becomes a reactive measure rather than a proactive measure. In other words, many homeowners wait for their HVAC unit to fail before bringing in reinforcements.While that is one way to do it, you typically end up waiting for your local technician to have an open service appointment as your home isn’t getting any cooler.
Check out these three reasons why early spring is the best time to get a new air conditioner for your home!
1. Beat the Rush
The transition period between winter and spring is always a slower period for most HVAC technicians. Majority of the heat repair and replacement work has been completed, and companies are in the process of making the transition into the cooling season.
Since many homeowners in the Charlotte, NC area do not turn on their A/C until late spring, early spring is the optimum time to replace your air conditioning system because you won’t have to wait as long for an installation appointment and you’ll be able to spend more time with a professional discussing options.
2. Take Advantage of Preseason Discounts
Because they are gearing up for the spring rush, many HVAC companies offer preseason discounts to the early-birds that plan ahead. Even if you decide to have your new air conditioning system installed at a later date, you could take advantage of the preseason sales by shopping now!
In fact, starting on March 21, MTB Mechanical is offering a $1,700 rebate when you purchase and install a new Lennox home comfort system!
3. Take Your Time Shopping
Purchasing a new A/C unit is an investment and its an investment that should be in your life for the next 10-12 years. Therefore, you want to ensure you make the right pick and giving yourself plenty of time to shop will make that choice easier.
If you know you’re A/C was giving out at the end of last summer or that it’s at the end of its lifespan, begin shopping around now to take your time viewing your options and researching what the right fit is for your home.
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