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What is a Priority Comfort Agreement?

We’ve all been there. Your HVAC unit breaks down and you’re in need of a technician to come out and complete repairs. If you’re lucky, the repairs are minor and you get away with only a small repair fee. However, if you haven’t had your air conditioning system tuned up recently, there’s a good chance the repairs could be more extensive, possibly costing you an arm and a leg.Never an ideal situation.
BUT, did you know if you receive regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system, it’s 80 percent less likely to breakdown? Not to mention, HVAC systems that receive regular maintenance also operate 30 percent more efficiently than systems that do not receive maintenance. Oh yes, that means lower energy bills for you!
MTB Mechanical offers a Priority Comfort Agreement to all its customers, allowing you to schedule regular maintenance for a small monthly fee, keeping your system running longer and more efficiently! This, in turns, saves you money in the long run because you get to avoid all those extensive repairs and your HVAC system will live longer.
Check out the Priority Comfort Agreement Plan benefits and learn how you can sign-up with MTB Mechanical today!
Benefits of a Priority Comfort Agreement
Two Visits from MTB Mechanical a Year
A 57-Point Maintenance and Inspection
Priority Service Guarantee · $50 Per Year Loyalty Credits Towards a Future Replacement
Exclusive Money Saving Coupons
Extended Equipment Life
Lower Energy Bills
A Two-Year Repair Warranty
Half Price Service Call Fees
Monthly Payment Plans
Quarterly MTB Mechanical Newsletters
Compliance with Manufacturers’ Equipment Warranties
No Overtime Pay on Service Calls
Automatic Reminders for when it’s Time for Maintenance
Sign-Up for MTB Mechanical’s Priority Comfort Agreement!
Ready to sign-up for MTB’s Priority Comfort Agreement? Then take the next step to keeping your HVAC unit running longer and more efficiently.
Call (704) 459-4066 to speak to an MTB Mechanical representative, or fill-out the Priority Comfort Agreement form online and return it to MTB Mechanical as soon as possible. Get the most out of your HVAC system, get in touch with MTB Mechanical today!

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