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Something Doesn’t Smell Right?

There is nothing worse than a persistent bad odor in your house and when you smell the bad odor throughout the entire house, it becomes that much harder to locate the source. Unfortunately, if you’re experiencing a problem with your heating system, it might omit a foul odor through your vents and into your home.Read on to learn of complications in your heating system that could cause bad odors to be released into your home and how to resolve them.
1. An Air Duct Leak
If your air duct has been compromised, dust and other contaminants and infiltrate it. A dust or contaminant leak can then result in a foul odor, which can be distributed throughout the house through your vents.
In order to solve the leak and prevent odors from entering your home, your duct work will have to be sealed properly and cleaned thoroughly.
2. Improper Draining
If your heating system uses drain pans to catch condensation from the interior parts, it might experience improper draining. If the pan cannot drain properly, it could cause a musty odor that could then be released throughout your home.
If you’re experiencing draining complications, it’s best to get a technician out to assess the best way to resolve the situation.
3. Mechanical Complications
Your heating system boasts a variety of moving parts and if one of those parts is being overworked, it could result in a bad odor. For instance, your heating system holds a fan. If the fan motor is laboring, it could release a burning smell because it’s overheating.
If it is an internal complication, a technician will need to inspect your heating system and repair any broken parts.
Something Doesn’t Smell Right?
If your heating system is omitted a bad odor, it’s best to have the problem taken care of right away… not only for the sake of your nose, but also to prevent the problem from getting worse.
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