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Who doesn’t want to save money on their energy bill? Check out these tips to save money as it’s time to start turning on the heat!1. Repair the Sealing on Your Windows & Doors
Your windows and doors are often overlooked when it comes to ways to save energy costs, but did you know that tightening the seal around your windows and doors can save you up to $30 a month on your heating costs? Windows and doors last a long time, but through the years, the insulation around these spaces can wear down. Each year, you should inspect your windows and doors for any cracks in the sealing and any damage done to the insulation to ensure cold air isn’t seeping through.
2. Prevent Window Drafts & Latch Your Sash Locks
Because windows are just glass, getting some drafts from your windows in the colder weather is inevitable. Close your curtains and lower your blinds at night to help prevent drafts when the temperature reaches its lowest points.
Further, keep your sash locks latched to keep the windows tighter. This could help you save 10 to 15 percent on your monthly heating bills.
3. Turn Down the Thermostat
Just as you should turn your thermostat up a couple degrees in the summer when you’re not home to save money on your energy bill, you should turn it down a couple degrees in the winter.
4. Check the Insulation in Your Attic
If your attic is letting air seep into your house, it could cause your temperature to drop indoors making your heater turn on. Additionally, an insulated cover for your attic hatch can help keep the cool air up in the attic and out of the downstairs space.
5. Schedule a Check Up on Your Heating System
Once your furnace or air handler is tuned up, you could expect to see five to 15 percent savings on your energy bill. MTB Mechanical currently has a Heating check up special running for $89. In the check-up, they check to make sure every component of your heating system is properly running at peak efficiency. They will also inspect the heat exchanger to check for deadly carbon monoxide leaks!
Let MTB Mechanical Help You!
Ready to schedule a maintenance appointment to have your furnace inspected to help you save money on your energy bills? Then it’s time to get in touch with MTB Mechanical!
Call (704) 459-4066 to speak to a representative today or visit MTB Mechanical’s website to learn more about our services!

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