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Is Your Old A/C Beyond Repair?

Typically when your air conditioner breaks down it can be repaired…no problem. Of course some repairs are more expensive than others. Regular maintenance can help you avoid costly breakdowns; but at some point an aging system will require more frequent repairs. When this happens, you will need to decide if it’s better to repair your system or more cost effective to replace it. If you are wondering whether to repair or replace, the information below may be helpful to you.Amount of Repairs: A good functioning AC shouldn’t have frequent breakdowns or need a lot of repairs. If this is happening, you may want to put the money for repairs towards buying a new unit. New units are much more efficient than older ones, so weigh the benefit of energy savings when you make your decision.
Energy Costs: If your montly cooling bill is higher than it had been; this is a sign that your efficiency is declining. When AC units get old they can burn an extaordinary amount of electricity. This means high bills for you and less comfort. At this point, a replacement is a wise choice.
Leaking: Does your AC unit leak refrigerant. Adding more refrigerant should fix the problem. If not and you need to continue to add refrigerant your system is having to work harder. This means higher power bills and less comfort. Replacement is the smart option in this case.
Most AC’s are built to last about 7-10 years but of course there are exceptions. If you’re having problems with your air conditioner, call MTB Heating and Air. Our technicians can assess your system and help you decide the best course of action for you to take to stay comfortable and save money.

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