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How to Survive a Winter Power Outage in the Carolinas

Although Charlotte, NC and the surrounding cities do not typically get severe winter weather, there are surprise occasions. For instance, if you’ve lived here for the past 10 years, then you probably remember the awful ice/snow storm that blew through the piedmont region and knocked the power out for weeks!Now, while North Carolina as a whole hasn’t experienced a storm quite that large and severe since, smaller storms have come through that have knocked the power out in select areas. And if you don’t know how to keep your home warm when the power goes out, you could have a dangerous situation on your hands!
Read on for tips on staying safe and warm in the event of a winter power outage.
1. Eliminate Heat Loss
If your home does lose power, your first step should be to trap as much heat indoors as you possibly can. One blast of cold air can easily drop the temperature indoors between 5-10 degrees so it’s important to avoid opening and closing any exterior doors.
Further, close all the doors to other rooms in the house as this will prevent any exterior rooms from allowing cool air into your living space. Then, add extra insulation to your windows by closing your blinds or curtains and block any drafts by placing a rolled up towel at the base of doors.
2. Conserve as Much Heat as Possible
To conserve as much heat as possible, keep your family in one interior room together at all times. Smaller spaces are easier to heat and by keeping all the body heat in one space, it’ll be easier for you all to stay warm together.
If the temperature indoors seems to get colder in the evening, set up a tent in the house and gather inside it as a group to share the heat into an even smaller area.
3. Bundle Up!
Layers, layers and layers! Layering loose clothing will keep you warmer than tight layers and be sure to cover your extremities such as toes and fingers as they are in the most danger from cold. Wool socks trap heat the best and can also be placed over gloves to help warm hands.
Keep in mind, you body releases a large bulk of its heat loss through your head, so keep a hat on at all times.
4. Utilize Your Car’s Battery
If you have at least half a tank of gas, take advantage of your car’s battery if you get really cold. Turn the heat up in your car and sit inside for a few minutes to warm up, but remember to do so safely. Your car omits carbon monoxide and it’s not safe to turn your car on if it’s stuck inside your garage under any circumstances!
If you can open your garage door or your car is outside so you can turn it on, take advantage of this time and charge your cell phone also.
5. Safely Warm Your Home
Finally, look for ways you can safely add heat to your home. If you have a wood-burning fireplace and wood stocked, light a fire and keep it burning. If you have a limited amount of wood, burn it at intervals when it gets the coldest inside.
If you’re given any warning signs that the power is going to go out, turn up your thermostat to heat the inside of your home as much as possible before it goes out.
If Your Heat Doesn’t Return When the Power Does, Call MTB Mechanical!
When the storm is over and the power begins to come back on, make sure your heat is working properly. If it seems like your house is not warming up, it’s time to get in touch with MTB Mechanical.
MTB Mechanical will make an appointment to inspect your heating system as soon as the roads are deemed safe for traveling. We’ll help you get your family and home warm again in no time!
Call (704) 459-4066 to speak to a representative or visit MTB Mechanical’s website for more information.

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