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How to Prevent Heat Loss in Your Home

Heat loss in your home is much more than just a colder atmosphere indoors. It’s also a huge chunk of change coming out of your wallet as you have to pay to keep your heater running longer.And while there are many tips and tricks to help save money on your energy bill this winter, if you can’t prevent heat loss from happening, it’s hard to conserve money.
Is Your Insulation Doing its Job?
If your home has poor insulation (common in older homes), there’s a good chance you’re losing heat through conduction during the winter months. Since heat travels toward cooler temperatures, warmer indoor air will seek out colder outdoor air. Therefore, if your insulation is lacking, you’re going to lose your warm air indoors much quicker.
The most important areas to insulate are your attic, the exterior walls, the floors, and the duct work.
Does Your Home Have Air Leaks?
Warm air can exit your home through any space leading to outside; in other words, air leaks. You can do an overall inspection for air leaks in your home on your own by looking for any unsealed space around window and door frames, flues and fireplace dampers. To check for leaks that aren’t visible, by testing for drafts coming from the space.
To help prevent air leaks, keep your fireplace dampers closed when the fireplace is not in use, and seal or caulk any areas that are allowing drafts.
Looking for More Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bill?
Solving insulation problems and air leaks should be first on the agenda when it comes to finding ways to save on your energy bill this winter. However, there are many other things you can do, as well, to help cut costs.
For instance, implementing a smart thermostat such as a Nest can help you save. It learns your schedule and turns the temperature up or down inside based on whether or not you’re home. For more tips and tricks to help save money on your energy bill this winter, reach out to MTB Mechanical!
MTB has been serving the local Charlotte area for more than 40 years and knows what to expect when it comes to the weather in the Carolinas. From basic to extensive repairs, to full installations, to programming new thermostats, MTB Mechanical has the expertise to help you.
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