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Tune It Up Now!!!

Spring marks the beginning of MTB Heating and Air’s busy season. This is the time we encourage folks in the Charlotte area to schedule their annual air conditioning tune-up. Many people wonder if an annual air conditioning tune up is really necessary. The answer is yes. While I understand the reluctance to spend the money on preventative maintenace, in the long run, you will actually save money with an annual a/c tune up. Not only do we reccommend a yearly tune up, so does the EPA, Energy Star, Duke Energy and the US Department of Energy and this is why.Your air conditioning unit has been setting dormant over Fall and Winter. Dust, dirt and debris have collected on the a/c’s coils over the cold season. This is why you will sometimes smell a musty odor when you first turn on your a/c if you have not had the coils cleaned. A large build-up of this type of debris can actually cause your cooling system to operate less efficiently. In addition, other issues may have arisen during your systems dormancy. These can include refrigerant leaks and electrical problems. During a tune up a MTB technician will clean your coils and other critical components.
A tune up will reduce the risk of break down during Summer. These tune ups are when technicians discover small problems and can fix them before they become large and expensive repairs. A good example of this would be a plugged a/c line. This is an easy fix, but if it is left undiscovered or unattended to, major problems can occur.
An annual tune up will increase your a/c’s efficiency. This means your system will operate better and cost less to run. This is the biggest reason why Energy Star, the EPA, The US Dept. of Energy and Duke Energy all suggest an annual tune up. It will put money back in your pocket with lowered utility bills.
Finally, regular maintenance is the very best way to increase the lifespan of your system. It can also provide you with a clear idea of how much life your system has in it and when it would be financially wiser to replace than repair.
Right now, MTB Heating and Air is offering our A/C tune up for $89. We are also offering $30 off on any repair. These two specials make this the very best time to schedule your annual A/C maintnenance with MTB. Give us a call today so you are prepared to meet the heat and save money. Heating and Air, it’s as easy as MTB.

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