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Protect Your HVAC System From Power Surges

It is estimated that the average home experiences over 300 power surges a year. These surges are due to utility events, lightening strikes and electrical fluctuations. Most people are aware that power surges can cause damage to electronics and appliances. In fact, you may already have a surge protector for your computer and audio video systems but what about your heating and air system.Chances are great, that your HVAC system is the most expensive electonic system you have in your home. Today’s HVAC systems utilize sophisticated technology that is highly sensitive to power surges. An electical fluctuation can cause damage to your system’s circuit board. It can also cause motor and compressor failure. When this happens, you are facing an expensive repair or perhaps even a total replacement.
This is perfect time to think about installing a surge protector . We are approaching the time of year when thunderstorms with lightening can occur at anytime putting your HVAC system at risk. Nothing is much worse than a broken air conditioner during hot weather. But you can prevent your system from getting zapped easily. Right now MTB Heating and Air is offering our Surge Protector at $25 off the regular price. This is a quick and easy installation. Give MTB a call today and protect your heating and air sytem from unavoidable power surges,

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