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Let MTB Mechanical Keep Your Unit Running with $89 A/C System Check-Ups!

You all know the feeling. That hot, sticky feeling you get when you walk outside into the Carolinas’ heat and humidity. Now, imagine walking into what you expect to be a nice, cool house just to realize your air conditioner isn’t working and the humidity found its way indoors. Let’s face it. There are few things worse.Just like all mechanical investments, if you do not schedule regular check-ups for your A/C unit, you will eventually experience complications. Your air conditioner is not dissimilar to your car. If you skip regular services such as oil changes and tire rotations on your vehicle, it will eventually show in how your car runs; whether it impacts your gas mileage or actually causes you to breakdown on the side of the highway.
Your A/C system needs similar care. Without regular tune-ups and cleanings, you won’t get the longevity out of your air conditioner that you were looking for when you purchased it. Rather, you’ll face consistent repairs and you’ll need to replace the system much more frequently. Obviously, that’s not an ideal situation and nobody wants to be stuck in the summertime without air conditioning.
Luckily, MTB Mechanical is making it easier than ever to put regular check-ups in place for your air conditioning system!
From now until Aug. 30, 2015, MTB Mechanical is offering $89 A/C system check-ups! This means an MTB representative will come to your home and tune-up your unit to ensure you and your family will remain comfortable all year long, and you’ll get to enjoy the savings.
And by having your air conditioning system checked more frequently, your system will run more efficiently allowing you to save between 20 to 30 percent on your power bill.
What’s Included in MTB’s $89 A/C Check-Up?
The following maintenance services are included in MTB Mechanical’s $89 special:
Air Filter Inspection
Thermostat Inspection
Condense Drain Line Flushing
Safety Control Inspection
Testing and Inspection of Drain Pan Safety Switches
Testing and Inspection of Test Blower
Testing of Capacitors
Testing and Inspection of Outdoor Fan
Inspection of Outdoor Coil Inspection of Wiring Connections
Inspection of Temperature Drop Overall
System Operation Inspection
Plan Your A/C System Check-Up Today!
Ready to plan your $89 A/C check-up by MTB Mechanical today? Call (704) 459-4066 to speak to a representative or visit MTB Mechanical’s website for additional information.

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