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Keep Your Cool When Things Get Hot

In my previous blog, I spoke about warning signals that your air conditioning system is not functioning properly. Today, I would like to cover a couple of other signals that may not be as obvious, at least in the springtime.Right now, the weather is so pleasant that you may not be using your air conditioner at all. Or perhaps, you only turn it on to cool things off, but don’t run it for any length of time yet. One common problem that occurs with air conditioners is a loss in cooling power. When this happens, many people simply crank the unit up thinking that will take care of the issue. It will not. Even small problems in an air condtioner can cause a fan to run at half speed. This may be acceptable when the temperature is cool, but when Summer’s heat arrives; this is a different story. If you notice a decrease in your air conditioners ability to cool things off, do yourself a favor and have it fixed before hot weather gets here.
Another signal that you are having a problem with your air conditioning system is elevated electric bills. Maybe you’ve heard strange noises coming from the unit or possibly even a strange odor coming from the vents, yet it still seems to be cooling. If you’re hearing noises or noticing strange smells, the chances are great you are paying more money for cooling than you should be. Any kind of mechanical stress on a unit will cause it to have to work harder to perform. This means more power is drained and your bills go up.
Finally, I would like to mention that the longer an air conditioner is allowed to run with a malfunction, the worse the situation will become. You are putting yourself at risk for a complete breakdown. Not only is a breakdown inconvenient and uncomfortble, it is hard on the wallet. At the worst, you could even be looking at a system replacement. Bottom line is, where air conditioning equipment is concerned, it is best to be diligent in keeping it in good working order The easiest way to make sure your system always functions properly is with a maintneance agreement. MTB Heating and Air’s ESA agreement provides for two tune-ups a year one on the heating cycle. During your tune up your system will be thoroughly inspected for any problems and the repairs can be made before they become an inconvenience and a major expense. Give MTB Heating and Air a call today to learn more about our ESA Maintenance Program or tho schedule a tune up for your air conditioner before hot weather gets here.

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