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Is Your Home Making Your Family Sick?

We hear so much about poor indoor air quality today. I know that I blog about it often. Why do we hear so much about it? Because it is a really pervasive and serious problem. It sounds incredible but the American College of Allergists actually says that 50% of illnesses are caused or aggravated by polluted indoor air. This is a staggering number and leaves you wondering how it can be possible and what is to blame?First, we just live in a more toxic world and second we are working in buildings and living in homes that are built to be air tight. The advantage of air tight construction is that is is energy efficient. The bad news is that it does not allow for fresh air to circulate through these spaces in which we spend most of our lives. Toxins from the environmnet, building materials, carpeting, paint, pollen, mold bacteria and the list goes on and on are literally trapped inside with us creating polluted air that is continuously recirculated and breathed.
Because of the increased awaress about the dangers of poor indoor air quality, products have been developed to help combat this problem. A filtration system in a newly constructed home should not be considered a luxury but a necessity. One of the very best air purifying options is the Air Knight purification system . The Air Knight works with your HVAC sytem and and is the only purifier to attack all three classes of indoor contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen and allergens; mold, bacteria and viruses; and VOC’s, odors and chemical vapors.
The Air knight uses RFG technology which combines light, water and oxygen to produce hydroperoxide molecules. These are the same molecules that naturally occur in clean outdoor air. Similar to hydrogen peroxide, these molecules sterilize the air and all of your indoor surfaces. Whenever your HVAC system is on, these sterilzing molecules are circulated through your home. RFG is used in hospital, hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, schools and office buildings to eliminate sick building syndrome. It is so effective at killing germs that it will destroy 98% of the particles from a sneeze before they can travel 3 feet. The technology also causes particulant matter to clump together which increases your filtration.
As the Charlotte area enters into allergy season, there is no better time to think about having an Air Knight installed in your home. Not only will it help eliminate allergies and help with asthma, it will also cut down on the spread of infectious viruses through your home. Pollen that comes inside on your clothing will be filtered out and mold and germs destroyed. A home with an Air Knight Purifier has noticably lighter feeling air. Like the outdoors, the air feels fresh and odor free. For homes with people who suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, the Air knight is a life saver.
Right now MTB Heating and Air is offering the Air Knight for $100 off the regualr price. To learn more about the air knight click here for MTB’s Indoor Air Quaility page.

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