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Improve Your Air Quality With Houseplants

I write alot of blogs about the dangers of poor indoor air quality and the whole home air quality products designed to work with your heating and air system to clean up the air inside your home. Especially with today’s air tight construction a good fitration system is not just a luxury but a necessity. In addition to a filtration system, you can also enhance your air quality by placing a variety of houseplants throughout your home.Below I have made a list of the best houseplants for aiding in improved air quality. All of the plants listed absorb harmful VOC’s like formaldehyde, xylenen, benzenes and more
* Spider Plants- Great for kitchen or near fireplaces because they also absorb carbon monoxide.
* Boston Fern- Acts as a natural humidifier
* English Ivy- One of the best air purifiesr for people with asthma or allergies.
* Aloe Vera- Can also be used for burns
* Areca Palm- Natural humidifier
* Chinese Evergreen
* Snake Plant
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