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Having a Hard Time Staying Cool?

The Charlotte area has been scorching with our recent heat wave. When temperatures are hitting the triple digits, a well air conditioned home is a must. Recently, MTB Mechanical has been getting numerous calls from customers wondering why their homes can’t stay cool. Keeping your home cool during a heat wave can be tough, causing your air conditioner to work overtime. This hard work can put a real strain on your cooling system, causing higher electric bills and making your system vulnerable to breakdowns. There are a few simple steps you can take to help your air conditioner run more effectively and efficiently during the summer months.Make Sure Your Unit is Cool
Run a sprinkler nearby or hit your A/C unit with the hose; getting the system wet will cool it down and make it work more efficiently. The cooler the unit, the cooler air it can produce.
Set Your Thermostat at 78 Degrees When Leaving Home
Setting your thermostat between 76 and 78 degrees will let your house stay relatively cool when you’re gone, but will also keep it from burning too much energy.
Don’t Touch the Dial
Adjusting your thermostat constantly burns energy. Leave the thermostat at a steady temperature, and if you need to turn it down, make it cooler at night. This will reduce the temperature of the floors and the walls for the next day.
Change Your Air Filter
It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to make sure you have a clean air filter in. A clean air filter will allow your whole system to work more smoothly. Click on our air filter reminder tab to get an email sent to you when it’s time to change out your air filter.
Invest in a Programmable WiFi Thermostat
A WiFi thermostat will allow you to monitor your home’s temperature even when you are gone. With a WiFi thermostat, you can allow your home to warm-up some while you are away, but will allow you to set it to cool down when you get home. This saves you money by never having to cool an empty home. Currently, MTB Mechanical is offering $100 off on WiFi thermostats such as Honeywell, Lyric and Nest.
Keep Your Blinds Shut, Fans On and Ovens Off
By keeping your blinds closed in the summer, you are blocking out the sun, therefore making your house cooler. You can also run fans inside your home to cool down and keep air circulating. Also, by finding ways to cook without using your stovetop or oven, such as grilling outdoors, you can avoid producing extra heat in the home.
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