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7 SIMPLE ways to HELP YOU SAVE MONEY this summer!!

If you follow these simple 7 steps you are sure to lower your power bill and SAVE yourself some MONEY!!1 – Close your vents and doors in rooms that you aren’t in.
If you plan on spending the evening in the family room, then close the vents in the guest room & shut the door.
2 – Use your fans
Fans circulate the air in the room. This means you can delay turning on the air conditioner.
3 – Get your AC inspected and cleaned
When you get your system cleaned and inspected, you are insuring that it is working at peak efficiency.
4 – Open the windows on cooler nights
Why run your air conditioner when the outside air is the same temperature as what you are running. Open your windows and enjoy the outdoor air and cool breeze!
5 – Shut your blinds
To keep the sun from heating up the rooms, shut your blinds; this should help keep the temperature down in the home.
6 – Limit Oven usage
Use your toaster oven for heating up smaller portions of food. Also try and eat more salads and cold food in the summer to avoid using hot kitchen appliances.
7 – Keep your air filters clean
When your filters are dirty it restricts the air flow. In turn, this makes the air conditioner have to work much harder than it normally would.

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