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Why a Preventative Maintenance Plan Will Save You Money

We have been experiencing really cold temperatures in the Charlotte area . This means our heating systems have been forced to work extra hard and you can bet this will be reflected in higher utility bills. Nobody likes seeing big bucks go out each month for heating and cooling costs but this is what 70% of the energy usage in our home goes for.One of the best ways to reduce the energy your HVAC system uses, is to make sure your system is always running at peak efficiency. This means regular maintenance. Just like with your automobile…your HVAC sytem need scheduled tuneups and service. It is a fact that HVAC systems that receive regular maintenance are 80% less like to break down than those that do not. Heating and Air systems that receive routine maintenance also run 30% more efficiently.
Why? Because HVAC systmes are comprised of many complicated working parts and those parts must be in good shape in order for the entire system to function properly. Usage causes these parts to get dirty and wear out. When this happens, the entire system has to run harder to keep you comfortable. This costs you more money and stresses the sytem making a breakdown likely. Then you are facing an expensive repair or even the premature replacement of the entire system
This is so logical that most people get it. The problem is, with our busy lives we forget about scheduling routine maintenance. So what’s the answer? It’s simple…You need a yearly maintenance plan. MTB Heating and Air offers our customers something called our Priority Comfort Agreement. When you sign up for this maintneance plan, we take care of your system with scheduled maintnenace that you don’t have to worry about remembering to schedule. We will keep your system clean, running efficienlty and lengthen the life of your system and make sure it is operating safely. All you have to do is sign up and leave the rest to us. Look below at what this agreement provides you.
* 57 Point Maintenance Inspection
* 2 visits a year. One on the heat cycle and one on the cooling cycle.
*Priority Service Guarantee
*Lower energy bills and an extension on the life of your equipment.
* 24 Hour emergency service
* 2 year repair warranty
* No overtime charges
* $50 per year loyalty credits towards replacement
* Half price service call fee *Exclusive money sving coupons
*Quarterly Newsletters
* Automatic reminders when it’s time for maintenance
This maintennace plan will reduce your headaches and save you money monthly and in the long run. The maintenance plan can be paid in one lump sum for the year or in monthly installments whichever you prefer. Simply go our Preventative Miantnenace Page to sign up. Being proactive with your HVAC system’s maintnenance is easy with this plan that is all about saving you big bucks. Just another way Heating and Air is as Easy as MTB.

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